In a Good Rhythm

"In a Good Rhythm" Journal publishes original articles presenting empirical or theoretical research, monographic or polemic articles and reviews on cardiac electrotherapy and electrophysiology as the one of the rapidly growing cardiology specializations. 

The journal focuses mainly on cardiac arrhythmia, diagnostic techniques and treatment of arrhythmia. From the first edition in 2007, the Journal is issued regularly on quarterly basis. Articles are written in Polish (abstract and title in English) by experts. Each edition contains 6 to 8 articles.

The Conference "In a Good Rhythm" has become very popular event within the medical community for many years.

Every year it gathers over 300 participants interested in the current state of knowledge and progress in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. The lectures are given by the most prominent experts and outstanding educators whose knowledge and experience contribute to many interesting discus-sions.

Conference "In a Good Rhythm" means two days of didactic sessions, 30 lectures given by experts from the field and invited guests. In addition to lectures, multidisciplinary sessions, "hands-on" workshops and "i-lab” we offer interactive workshops that helps improve decision-making and problem solving during follow up, and strengthen the ability to communicate with the patient. 

Participation in the conference guarantee educational points from Polish Chamber of Physicians.